Insights 06.15.2018

Eliminating Barriers Between Design and Marketing

06.15.2018 / Articles

Is the relationship between design and marketing teams a culprit in failing to reach the goals you’ve set for your brand? While both are working toward that same goal, the language and methods they use are quite different, leading to confusion and inefficiencies.

Designers may feel disconnected from marketers because an account team doesn’t understand their technical lingo or how their proposed solution works. On the flip side, marketers may turn to their own in-house departments for work they feel in-house teams could do better than outside creative teams.

So, what is the real barrier between the two? The answer is collaboration. If both teams have the same goal, there must be a way for them to get there and merge their two different approaches. Design teams want to deliver projects seamlessly that strike a balance between technology, vision, and creativity. Marketing teams want to focus on the best ways to engage their audiences through unique content. How do you make these two approaches meet in the middle to get you the results you want?

The simplest way to eliminate barriers between the two is through clear lines of communication that unite both teams and drive them toward the same goal. Better—and faster—communication bridges the gap by providing direct access to designers, removing unnecessary intermediaries and barriers, enabling a better feedback loop.

In fact, several large brands have commented that it’s “easier and faster to work with Avendi than the department downstairs,” because there is no red-tape or bureaucracy on our end. We encourage clients to directly access our cloud-based project management and collaboration tools, ensuring maximum transparency and efficiency.  It allows direct engagement with designers for a quick and efficient workflow. Of course, deliverables are always reviewed internally to ensure quality and design standards are met. We tailor everything so our clients feel like they’re working with a dedicated in-house team, while still benefiting from the advantages of working with a design agency.

This is critical in establishing a solid working foundation from which to build better solutions. The goal for any creative design team is to build long-lasting relationships by establishing a level of trust with their clients. That trust will breed confidence in our team, our abilities, and our approach.

At Avendi, we believe branding and design are what drives a thriving business. Our efficient process not only delivers high quality projects that expresses the vision of well-known brands such as CalphalonRubbermaidGraco, Microsoft, and Four Seasons Resorts, it uses collaboration and communication as a tool to part the clouds of confusion between marketing and creative teams.